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You’re Engaged… Now What?!

Love is in the air, and so are diamonds! There used to be an Engagement ‘season’ but now it seems like Engagements are happening all year long – and we’re not complaining at all! We get so excited when we have a new couple reach out to us. Not because it’s a potential booking, but because that means this couple is in one of the most exciting seasons of their lives! From the moment you ask or are asked “Will You Marry Me?”, your life is forever changed and you live in this cloud of pure happiness and excitement until reality starts to set in… ‘I’m Engaged… what’s next?’ All of your Pinterest Boards start merging together in your mind and you’re trying to relive every moment from any wedding you’ve ever attended trying to plan the day you have been dreaming about for your whole life.

So, where do you start?

The first item you should check off your Wedding checklist is choosing a venue and securing your wedding date! One you have the perfect venue and your wedding date secured, you can begin to reach out to other vendors. Every wedding vendor will require a date in order to book services with them, so this is a very important step! If you’re not sure where to look for vendors, we’d recommend Wedding Facebook groups and Instagram! Almost every area has a Wedding Facebook group so you can easily post in search of or find vendors in your area to research! On Instagram, you can search locations or hashtags – don’t forget to look at your venues location and hashtag on Instagram for vendors they’ve previously worked with! Most of our wedding couples find us by word of mouth – asking your friends who they have used or recommend is always a good place to start too! After a couple books with us, we send over a list of our favorite friendors, so you might find that as you begin booking different pieces of your day, the vendors almost come to you!

Once you have a list of vendors to look through, it’s important to start thinking about what you and your soon-to-be-spouse are looking for from each of your vendors. Example, are you looking for a Photographer with a bright and airy style or a dark and moody style? It’s so important to make sure you’re doing your part and researching your vendors websites and social media accounts to get a feeling for who they are and how they can make your dream wedding day a reality!

Planning a wedding can seem like a huge stressful task to take on, but it should be fun season of life! We are constantly in contact with our couples through their Engagement because we like to be a resource and use our experience to help guide you through the process making it as easy as possible!

Happy Planning!

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