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The value of a First Look

Thinking back to our wedding day, there isn’t a time that I can remember where it was just the two of us. One of the most important days of our lives and we didn’t have a special time set aside US. I don’t regret not doing a First Look on our wedding day but I do regret not exploring the possibilities of adding a special moment to our day.

There are so many benefits to having a First Look with your soon-to-be SPOUSE! Most times, the images from a First Look and the moments that follow are the ones our couples are printing on canvases and hanging in their living rooms! The choice is ultimately up to you and we’d like to make sure you have the information you need to consider it!

Just in case you’re not familiar with a ‘First Look’ – it’s an intimate private moment shared between you and your partner before the ceremony. The First Look can be a time to see that killer wedding dress you’ve been wondering about for months, share vows and letters, or just a time to be together and calm your nerves before sharing the day with your loved ones.

These are some of the reasons you might consider a First Look:

You get A TON more portraits! Seriously. You can increase the amount of portraits of the two of you by 30-40%!! There aren’t any distractions and no one else is there to try and steal your spotlight so we can focus all of our attention on you two!

You won’t feel rushed! Most venues and timelines only allow an hour for portraits after the ceremony, which usually only leaves about 15-20 mins for couples portraits during that time. A First Look would more than double that amount of time!

You can actually enjoy your cocktail hour and reception! Think about it like this, you’ve paid for this day and you’ve invited the most special people in your life to share it with you so don’t you want to spend time enjoying your hard work with them?? We want you to too! By crossing off a bunch of pictures off the list during the first half of the day, this is totally possible!

Two chances for outdoor portraits if it’s raining! We’re no strangers to rainy days around here but having an opportunity for portraits earlier in the day could mean that you can get allllll of your pictures finished before a storm cloud rolls in later in the day!

-Calm those nerves! Weddings are a big deal and with them come an array of emotions and some people prefer to feel those emotions for the first time that day in private. Having the privacy of a First Look gives you a chance to shake some of those nerves before the ceremony.

One of the biggest concerns a bride has about a First Look is that she’ll miss out on that special anticipated reaction from her groom when she walks down the aisle and I’m here to let you know that First Looks have had zero effect on those reactions in any of the weddings that we’ve been apart of! Actually, most of the grooms that do tear up are ones that just had a First Look! There’s something very different about the big reveal in private and walking down the aisle to share your love with all of your closest friends and family that still seems to get those emotions out there!

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    Yes!! Love it! Love your explanations.

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