Why Wedding Details are so important

You’ve spent the last few months (or even years!) planning your Pinterest perfect wedding. You’ve tried on dozens of dresses to find the one you’ve dreamed of, found the most beautiful flowers, and created an invitation suite fit for a Queen. On your wedding day, all of your details will fall into place but you may be so busy enjoying other important aspects of your day that you don’t get to see it all come to fruition! It’s been said a million times because it’s true, once your wedding is over you will be left with the memories and the photographs! Our job is to capture those moments for you so you can be present during the day and not feel like you have to overload yourself!

Details have become one of our favorite parts of the day for so many reasons. While we could truly list at least 347, we’ll just give you a few of our favorite ones here:

-A few months or years after your wedding when you’re casually looking through time hop or Facebook memories, we want these images to help you remember the most special parts of the day. The intimate parts that not everyone may know about but instantly bring a smile to your face as you start to think about them! Whether it’s a sweet, funny or touching memory, we want the details of your day to help bring those feelings back and spark conversations for years to come!

-We love to photograph weddings as a story and details help fill in the blanks and really make it a special one. As you page through your wedding images, you’ll see a complete and cohesive story that has been told about one of the best days of your lives.

-Details are the biggest peek into who you and your fiancĂ© are as individuals and who you are as you’re coming together. Everyone knows the standards for a wedding – Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception – what makes each day unique and truly beautiful are the details and little pieces of your hearts that get put into each one. While you may forget it on your big day, details usually take up most of your pre-wedding planning days, so why wouldn’t you want to see all of that hard work!

A few days before our brides get married, we encourage each of our couples to have their details gathered in one place for the big day so we can get started as soon as we arrive and so we have a full picture of how you want your wedding day to look!


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